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We are open for business and practicing social distancing within our offices. FGC is taking precautions to safeguard our patient's health. If you wish to see your therapist via Video Counseling/Telehealth instead, please contact your therapist directly to discuss your upcoming appointments and the possibility of Video Counseling. We are also welcoming new patients. For more information on Video Counseling please click here.

Testing and Psychological Evaluations

Psychological Evaluations are undertaken to assist in treatment planning, to develop educational/learning interventions, and to provide valuable information for making decisions regarding diagnosis or the need for medication. The testing process may include assessment of intellectual functioning, achievement problems, and emotional/personality development. Specialty areas which may be evaluated include:

The particular tests required will be determined by the age, circumstances and the referral questions/goals of the evaluation. The psychologist will provide an explanation of the testing process and a complete report of the findings.

Psychological Testing and Evaluation is a complicated and time consuming process. A full Psychological Testing and Evaluation can, on average, range between 8 to 12 hours and depends on the areas of need. Insurance may be accepted for Psychological Testing and Evaluation services. Please contact our office for more information on insurance coverage. If your insurance is not accepted, or does not cover Psychological Testing and Evaluation, the fee for each service noted above is $175/hour.

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